Bespoke Exhaust Solutions

Bespoke Exhaust Solutions

For Individual Problems
A comprehensive service for the relocating of exhaust outlet pipes for specialist vehicles.

We can design “one off” and low volume production runs to meet the needs of both the owner operator and the body builder to ensure that the design of vehicle body and exhaust system complement each other, allowing the vehicle to operate as intended.

Driveline understands that some vehicles need to have exhaust outlet pipes relocated to take into account the type of work these vehicles carry out. Refuse and Drain Clearing trucks for example.

Other vehicles require exhaust pipe extensions and heat shields to enhance the look and to ensure that exhaust fumes are directed where they can do least harm, again Driveline will design and supply the correct size and length of pipe to ensure a successful installation every time, either by the vehicle owner, a sub contract fitter or during a factory fit.

All pipe and clamp components used in custom exhaust manufacture are made from high grade stainless steel to ensure robustness and longevity. When supplying for “own fit” applications all brackets and fixings are supplied as standard.

– No Minimum Order – From a single unit to a run of hundreds

– Low Cost – Almost always lower-cost than other alternatives

– Highest Quality Parts – As good or better than other suppliers offer

– Fixings Supplied – All brackets, stays and fixings supplied as standard