VOLVO - 21395825


VOLVO – 21395825

Driveline can offer a DPF Service Exchange for all brands. It’s very simple… We send a new DPF to your location and collect the used one, so the vehicle can get back on the road immediately! We can deliver nationwide and schedule the delivery to be there when the vehicle stops for maintenance.

We have stock for all brands, with DPF´s for: VOLVO, RENAULT, SCANIA, MERCEDES, DAF, IVECO, MAN, CUMMINS, JOHN DEERE etc

Whether its choked with carbon, ash, oil or AdBlue we can exchange it – We can even repair a DPF which is damaged due to high back pressure or damaged during a road accident.

From £250 with Full Guarantee.

We take care of everything, just call!

Driveline reconditions all types of catalysts and DPF´s for industrial vehicles. We have a patented process with strict quality controls allowing us to ensure that parts return 100% to factory condition.

We work with all major brands such as: VOLVO, RENAULT, SCANIA, MERCEDES, DAF, IVECO, MAN and SETRA. We also work with Plant, Agricultural and Construction machinery as well as Non-Road vehicles with brands such as: CATERPILLAR, LIEBHERR, KOMATSU, JCB, JOHN DEERE and CUMMINS.

In the event of serious damage or loss of efficiency for the catalyst or DPF, Driveline can rebuild it using only original OEM components. This offers our clients the same part they came in with, repaired for a fraction of the price compared to buying direct from the manufacturer. In addition to being cheaper, we are much faster due to our 24 hour turnaround time, significantly quicker than you will wait ordering a replacement from the manufacturer. 

We are exclusive partners with the manufacturers of these original OEM parts and have full accreditation and permission for their installation.

In addition, Driveline specialises in adapting emissions from old vehicles and machines to new emission standards. We have devices that adapt Euro 3-5 to Euro 6 and Tier 3-4 to Tier 5. These devices are fully certified in Europe and allow vehicles and machines to enter low-emission areas. This technology means that companies do not need to purchase new vehicles or machines to comply with the legislation, which translates into considerable capital savings for our customers.

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