New emissions laws for vehicles in 2021

As of May 20, 2018, the legislation on the emissions of all vehicles will change throughout Spain.
To be in line with current European Union ordinances, in terms of reducing polluting emissions for the environment, Spain will implement much stricter measures throughout the territory, which will surprise companies in the transport sector.
During the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV), the technicians, through the computers of each vehicle (ECU), will inspect the failures, modifications and / or lack of parts of the emission control system, such as; FAP / DPF, Catalysts and EGR valves, as well as their sensors. This procedure will expose companies that have removed or canceled any part of the emission control system of their vehicles, or those that are not working properly. In addition, they will control that each vehicle complies with the emission levels of NOx, CO2, and hydrocarbons expressed by the manufacturer, rejecting those vehicles that do not comply with the required levels.
In addition to the above, there will be mobile inspection teams throughout the territory, assisted by the security forces, inspecting that the vehicles comply with the regulations, not only during the ITV. Failure to comply with current regulations will result in large fines, and in the commercial sector, even the loss of the operating license due to repetition.
Ultimately, the implementation of the new regulations will be a big headache for both individuals and companies. Many will find that they do not pass the ITV due to a fault in the emission control system, that if they must change the FAP or the EGR in order to pass the inspection. The replacement of these parts is not cheap, so they will have to look for cheaper alternatives to solve it.
At Driveline, we have worked for more than 10 years with companies in the transport sector in the United Kingdom to comply with this regulation, which came into force there a few years ago. In Spain we have opened the first headquarters in Madrid and we want to serve our customers in the same way so that they not only comply with the regulations, but also save on fuel, extend the useful life of engines and other components and also minimize the amount of polluting gases that your vehicles generate every day.
Our state-of-the-art and patented system allows us to offer a fast, efficient and quality service, in addition we can boast of saving our customers an average of 40% in fuel consumption and enormous costs in repairs and spare parts in the components of all the emission control system.
Therefore, we are interested in establishing contact with you to explain how it works and how we can establish a business relationship so that you benefit from our service.