New technologies make it possible to ensure that diesel vehicles are cleaner and less polluting for the environment.
An innovative technology to reduce emissions, developed in the United Kingdom, has arrived in Spain. In collaboration with large multinationals, Driveline is working to reduce the amount of polluting emissions in the transport and logistics industry.
Its process, which reconditions the emission control system of both passenger cars and heavy vehicles, reduces the amount of emissions to the environment by up to 200%. The trucking industry produces more than 20% of the country’s total carbon emissions each year. Driveline works to reduce these rates drastically.
“The secret is an annual maintenance of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF-FAP), CATALYST, and EGR valve of each vehicle”, says Rob Harley, General Director of Driveline in Spain. “Skipping the reconditioning of these, year after year, greatly increases the carbon footprint of each vehicle. We have the ability to return the emission control system to a factory state using our state-of-the-art patented process, which we offer in unparalleled delivery time. ”
Driveline provides a record for the maintenance history of the emission control system of each vehicle, with an in-depth analysis of the composition and degradation of each part, before and after its process. This allows its customers to have the guarantee and satisfaction that the carbon footprint they produce is significantly reduced.
“We offer a fast and reliable service, with a guarantee for each service”, continues Rob Harley, “our company has grown in the United Kingdom thanks to the trust of our clients, who obtain excellent results from an unparalleled service with each job. Our process is unique, returning each part of the emissions system to its factory state, which benefits our customers, in addition to reducing the carbon footprint of their vehicles.
Driveline not only reduces vehicle emissions, it also reduces the amount of fuel the vehicle needs each year. “When an emissions system doesn’t receive regular maintenance, the engine has to work even harder to deliver the same performance. This means that fuel efficiency is drastically reduced over the life of the vehicle, which not only affects the environment, in terms of fossil fuel consumption, but also the owner’s economy, ”adds Rob. Harley.
Driveline boasts of saving customers around 40% on their fuel bill each year. An extremely important factor that fleet managers across Europe take into account when working together with them.
In addition, they are working with new customers, who are concerned about legislative changes in vehicle emission levels and changes during ITV, which will take effect in May 2018.
Driveline has been established in the UK for more than 15 years and is currently expanding its operations throughout Europe.