Fuel economy

How much impact does a vehicle’s emissions system have on fuel economy?
You will be surprised to learn that an inefficient emissions system can cost the vehicle owner up to 40% more in fuel costs per year than one that is properly maintained.
At Driveline we work with large transport and logistics companies across Europe to lower your fuel bills each year by ensuring that your vehicle’s particulate filter, catalytic converter and EGR valves are in efficient condition. Companies like DHL, FEDEX, Shell and BP are saving millions of euros every year by entrusting their fleet to Driveline.
Rob Harley explains: “If the system is not working properly, then the engine needs to work harder to expel the fumes. This can happen in several ways, take for example the particle filter. Over time, the carbon particles turn to ash and are stored inside the FAP, that is its function. No amount of regeneration cycles or liquid additives will solve this problem, and the engine, in effect, cannot exhale. It is drowning, storing carbon particles and other exhaust materials back in the engine.
By regularly maintaining the FAP, CAT and EGR, your vehicles not only comply with the law, but also ensure that they are not costing you money. A 40% reduction in fuel economy can amount to € 17,000 per vehicle, which in a fleet as large as DHL or BP is a serious sum of money every year.
“We work on any vehicle, and we have extensive experience with all makes and models. No job is too big and we make sure we deliver as quick a solution as possible to get the vehicle back on the road, without affecting the quality of our work. Says Rob Harley.
Also, now that the law has changed and emissions are being checked by the police at roadblocks and during ITV inspection, drivers must be increasingly vigilant when it comes to maintaining their vehicle emission system.
The process that reconditions the emission systems of commercial vehicles reduces their harmful emissions to the environment by 200%.
Today Driveline is expanding its operations across Europe, having established itself in the UK for over 15 years.
Website is www.drivelineemissions.com and they can be contacted at info@drivelineemissions.com